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"Driving Efficiency in Global Talent Acquisition"



Years Experience


Efficiency Recruitment Consulting brings over 25 years of Global Recruiting experience and leadership to our client engagements.  We specialize in placing professionals for direct hire positions on a global basis.

Our clients include Fortune 50 companies as well as small businesses that span all Industries.  From critical timelines to hard-to-fill positions ERC delivers a flexible, innovative solution to meet the specificities and demands of our clients as we pride ourselves in making a difference in people’s lives and have placed thousands of professionals along the way.

What we do?

What we do is in our name, using our consultative approach we analyze what recruitment methods will be best for your specific hiring needs and implement a strategy in order to provide maximum efficiency throughout the recruitment process.

From research and sourcing services focused on the requirements, we put you in touch with qualified/interested candidates who possess the skills and experience necessary as well as fit within the salary range.


What we don’t do

Post your position and pray for candidates to apply.  We utilize various tools to contact candidates directly as opposed to posting the position and sending LinkedIn messages, although those methods prove to be effective it takes the people aspect out of the equation and often times leads to challenges with transparency.


Past Clients

We've been partnering with Fortune 50 clients around the world across various industries, building efficient recruitment solutions for needs varying vastly in size and complexity for more than 20 years.

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Areas of Expertise


Information Technology Professionals


Enterprise Software Sales/Marketing


Finance & Accounting


logistics supply chain


Our overall objective

We work closely with our clients to help them focus on the the most important aspects of the recruitment process:


Cost per hire

Offer acceptance rate

Sourcing channel effectiveness & cost.

We’ve found that focusing on these aspects gives our clients a wholistic view of how efficient we are.

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